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Who: Jr. High, High School, College & Career

When: TBD

Location: Varies, contact us for more information

Our Youth Group is dedicated to knowing Christ and making Him known.  We have three main goals in our Youth Group.

1) To grow in God's Word.

2) To grow together in Prayer.

3) To enjoy a time of Fellowship with each other and the Lord.


Who: Toddlers, Elementary, & Jr. High

When: Sundays at 5:00PM

Location: Church

Our Sunday School is dedicated to raising up kids in the way of the Lord. Our teachers focus their time on educating about biblical truths that will guide these kids through their daily lives. Sunday school is also a time of fun activities for the children. All children are welcome to join.


Who: All ages are welcome

When: Thursdays at 8:00PM

Location: Zoom, contact us for more information

Weekly time of fellowship, prayer, and Bible study led by Pastor Ashot Martirosyan.


Who: Men of all ages

When: Once a month (date varies)

Location: Location varies

Join the men for breakfast and fellowship. Meeting locations and time change monthly. Please contact us for more details.


Who: Singers

When: Sundays at 4:00PM

Location: Church

The worship team prepares every Sunday at 4:00PM to lead the church worship. If you are interested in joining our group of singers, please contact us.


Who: Church

When: Sundays at 10:00PM & Mondays at 10:00AM

Location: ICFN - Charter Channel 382 or

Watch our Church service on the International Christian Family Network. Our service airs on Sundays at 10PM and Mondays at 10AM.


Who: Everyone is welcome

When: Wednesdays at 10:00AM

Location: Burbank Pacific Manor - 609 N. Glenoaks Blvd.

Elderly Outreach is a weekly Church service held in the recreational center of Burbank Pacific Manor. This service began with the intention of serving the elderly people of this building who are not able to attend Church. Since this group's founding, it has grown to include members of all ages. Both old and young are welcome to join us.


Who: Women of all ages

When: Once a month (date varies)

Location: Location varies

Join the sisters in Christ for lunch and fellowship once a month. Meeting locations and time change monthly. Most meetings are held at the homes of our members. Contact us for more details.

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Bible Study
Elderly Outreach
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